I’m a big fan of LED/T-5 hybrids, they’re a great option for those who are content with the  performance and even distribution capabilities of their T-5s, but would like to experience the energy-efficient spectrum of LEDs. A perfectly happy marriage of the two technologies. With that being said, I was super excited to see this product release from Giesmann this morning. Their new AURORA-HYBRID LED/T5 system is a glossy, handsome fixture – but it’s much more than just a pretty face.

Manufactured and assembled in Germany by Giesemann Aquaristik, the saltwater resistant aluminum main body houses 0-100% dimmable T-5 lamps and multi-channel LED boards, both with Bluetooth-controlled capability. Utilizing class leading Futura software, the AURORA boasts unrivaled 24-hour controllable lighting. Intuitive and user-friendly, if you can check your email or use Google, you can figure out this software. Settings you can manipulate include cloud and storm simulation, lunar simulation and multi-point daytime plot systems. Additionally, the fixtures feature integrated heat-sink and active cooling via low-noise variable-speed fans. No need to keep reprogramming once you change around your settings, there’s also on-board storage for all of your settings with memory battery backup and timekeeping. The control over color and intensity is inexhaustible. Each 75W LED cluster features three independently-programmable LED channels. Each of those is capable of 0-100% dimming, with up to 1,440 available set points per each 24-hour phase. That’s a lot of flexibility right there. The virtually silent unit contains a completely integrated controller – so you plug and play, nothing more to buy. The icing on the cake? It’s priced at an incredible value for the top-of-the-line quality you’re getting, with competitive pricing to other brands without any compromise of reliability or technical detail. Here’s a breakdown of the models, specifications and guide pricing (note: pricing is for UK, including 2014 Geisemann lamp set and shipping):

24″ AURORA-HYBRID 600 mm 4 x 24 Watt T-5 dim. 1 x LED Board max. 85 Watt LED Bluetooth control with 5 channels * £849.00

35″ AURORA-HYBRID 900 mm 4 x 39 Watt T-5 dim. 2 x LED Board max. 150 Watt LED Bluetooth control with 5 channels * £1099.00 

48″ AURORA-HYBRID 1200 mm 4 x 54 Watt T-5 dim. 3 x LED Board max. 220 Watt LED Bluetooth control with 5 channels * £1369.00

59″ AURORA-HYBRID 1500 mm 4 x 80 Watt T-5 dim. 4 x LED Board max. 300 Watt LED Bluetooth control with 5 channels * £1699.00

For mounting, an adjustable suspension kit with a tank mount option will be available within the next four to six weeks. To order, contact your nearest authorized Giesemann dealer or distributor. Happy lighting!


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