Giesemann updates their range of LED fixtures

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Giesemann updates their range of LED fixtures

The Giesemann Futura fixture recieves a tech bump

The new boards shared on all Giesemann LED fixtures feature the following LEDs:

  • 8 x Cool White B1 (containing 18% red/ 7% orange/11% yellow/ 37% green)
  • 1 x Green (490-560 nm)
  • 1 x Red (630- 790 nm)
  • 4 x Royal Blue (410- 430 nm)
  • 1 x TRU-UV royal violet (390- 400 nm)
  • 1 x Blue (465 nm)
  • 4 x Blue (430- 480 nm)

Giesemann states:

The New Futura-S and its smaller brothers the Revised Teszla-S and Teszla-XTS push the performance envelope yet again and get a 20% performance boost. This raises the existing output per board using 20x5w Cree-X series LEDs to 88w equivalent/ 5100 lumen output per board without the need to use lenses, whilst only consuming an incredibly low 66w at 100% on all channels. Both the Futura and Teszla/Teszla-XT already deliver class leading spread combined with incredibly even distribution, so this increase is designed to build on that platform to deliver better punch even under the most demanding circumstances without compromising spread by way of adding secondary lenses.

This makes the range one of the most effective systems available to date for lighting aquaria, especially those with a wide front to back profile where double banking would normally be required using traditional narrow beam technology, whilst at the same time reducing the need to use addition fill in lighting to limit excessive shading.

For full information about our entire range and other cutting edge products, visit,2,Fixtures,.html





Giesemann also supplied Advanced Aquarist with the latest specifications for their full FUTURA-S line:



Height & Width

Height 45 mm / Width 290mm


2 Mod (450 mm)

3 Mod (650 mm)

4 Mod (950 mm)

5 Mod (1250 mm)

6 Mod (1550 mm)


9,1 kg

10,2 kg

16,4 kg


2 LED-Module

3 LED Module

4 LED-Module

5 LED-Module

6 LED-Module

Equipment per

20 CREE X-Series LED‘s:
8 x Cool White B1 (containing 18% red/ 7% orange/11% yellow/ 37% green)
1 x Green (490-560 nm)
1 x Red (630- 790 nm)
4 x Royal Blue (410- 430 nm)
1 x TRU-UV royal violet 390- 400 nm)
1 x Blue (465 nm)
4 x Blue (430- 480 nm)

Provides a biologically essential mix of all primary colours with preferred accentuation of individual colour channels. Cross channel mixing of LEDs limits the possibility of adverse manipulation of the colour channels to a biologically damaging level.

Power efficiencyThe FUTURA has one of the lowest power consumption relative to light output ratings for any LED fixture available, with each board consuming just 65w whilst delivering the equivalent of 85w output (eg 170w for the Futura 2). Compared to some alternate units running at 160w consumption whilst only delivering an equivalent 90w output.

Total equivalent output / Actual Consumption

170 Watt / 130 Watt ca. 10200 Lumen

255 Watt / 195 Watt ca. 15300 Lumen

340 Watt / 260 Watt ca. 20400 Lumen

425 Watt / 325 Watt ca. 25500 Lumen

510 Watt / 390 Watt ca. 30600 Lumen


Loss free 120° No-beam forming.


Matt silver anodised.
Optional: “PURE” (Gloss White).


Optional: Variable Steel Suspension Cable.
Optional: Mounting bracket for attachment to aquarium rim.


Saltwater up to 80 cm (dependent on stock type).


Independent control of 5 colour channels per module with integrated electronics. Programming on Windows or MAC PC with integrated Bluetooth. Alternative control via App software on tablet or smartphone with android operating system 3.0 or later. With apple in preparation. Profile save facility allows storage and sharing of infinite user generated profiles.


Cooling: high density heat sink supported by secondary
Active Cooling: Software controlled variable speed fan assisted.


Temporary shutdown on overheating, whilst passively cooling before automatic restart.

Power supply

110-240V, 50-60Hz.
1 supply line

110-240V, 50-60Hz.
2 Supply line


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