Glenn Fong's "DSR" reef tank is otherworldly

This 12 year old reef tank is achieved without any water changes.

According to Glenn’s DSR website, “no water changes and controlling essential water parameters are the basics of the DSR Method.”  The idea that a tank can be this healthy with no water changes – let alone for 12 years – bucks conventional wisdom.

Glenn routinely monitors salinity, kH, calcium, manganese, iodine, potassium, boron, nitrate, phosphate, iron (et al.) while using fifteen supplements to maintain proper levels.  Glenn claims the DSR method is low maintenance and more affordable compared to conventional modern reefkeeping methods.  However, I find it difficult to agree that monitoring and maintaining so many variables with 15 chemical supplements is either easy or affordable.  I think most would agree with me that regular water changes are much simpler. 

Regardless, GlennF’s tanks are undeniably incredible.  Their beauty at 10+ years old is even more remarkable.  Advanced Aquarist wrote another article about GlennF’s reef back in 2013; A quick comparison of the video and photos show that Glenn’s tank has matured dramatically since we last saw it.

Here are two more current (2017) videos of Glenn’s systems:

Main System [250x80x58cm (~100x32x23″), ~-320 US gallons]:

Butterfly Reef Tank (attached to the main system):

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