GlennF’s 1500 liter reef using his “DSR Method” 

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GlennF's 1500 liter reef using his "DSR Method"

GlennF’s 400 gallon “DSR” reef

GlennF’s display tank measures 250x80x58cm (~100x32x23″), which equates to roughly 320 US gallons in volume.  From his photos, we know his aquarium is lit by T5s, and the system appears to have multiple refugiums attached to the main display tank.  GlennF also employs a lot of dosing pumps and reactors.


Details about the DSR Method are also unfortunately scarce.  From what we have gathered, the method centers around the core principle of very limited water change and targeted home-made additives to correct levels of “salinity, kH, calcium, manganese, iodine, potassium, boron, nitrate, phosphate, and iron,” although as we previously alluded to, details about the exact procedures are not described.  GlennF has written a very extensive calculator spreadsheet (currently available in Dutch but he is working on a English version) to help maintain target parameters.

GlennF also supplies a “carbon source and amino acids.”  Essentially, the DSR Method is a ULNS (Ultra Low Nutrient System) variant which aims to maintain water parameters with careful monitoring and supplementation in place of water changes.


While we are not sure how many reefkeepers would choose to constantly test multiple parameters and administer additives versus water changes, GlennF’s results are impressive.  His aquarium (and DSR experiment) has been going strong for 8 years.

GlennF is active on multiple Dutch online communities and also has an English thread at Reef Central, where you can find a lot more photos of his aquarium.  We just wish he would update us about his equipment and details about his methodology.

Here is a recently uploaded video of his “DSR” coral reef aquarium:


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