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Though I am a technical hardware enthusiast I am mainly in this hobby for the livestock. The Global Pet Expo 2024 Aquatic Lounge showcased some of the most well known aquaculture wholesalers today. Here are some of the things I saw at the event.

Aquatic Lounge: The Biota Group, ORA, ProAquatix, Segrest Inc.

I have been a huge fan of Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums (ORA) for many years. I had the pleasure to meet and talk to the ORA team that attended the event. The variety and product quality speaks for itself. Many of the classic designer clowns and nano fish were on display. I myself include ORA utilitarian fish (various Dottybacks, Aiptasia eating filefish, neon/sharknose gobies)  in every system I design.

The Biota Group showcased a variety of fish and clams which appealed to me. The baby dwarf Eibli Angelfish was my favorite. The big surprise for me was seeing angelfish with Tridacna clams in the same tank – normally, any type of angelfish would be nipping at the clams so it’s usually not a good idea.

The addition of seahorses also surprised me since I have not seen much offered in local fish stores in my area these days. Having additional sources should help revive this niche biotope in the hobby.

Segrest Farms and ProAquatix had some of the larger fishes on display. Though I was not able to talk to anyone there, I appreciate the variety that these vendors provide.

  • Ellery Wong

    Ellery is a mechanical systems engineer at a Fortune 500 technology company. He has automation experience in the automotive, appliance, printing and robotics industries as a product development professional but also has over 35 years of saltwater aquarium experience as a hobbyist. He currently maintains a 9 tank / 540 gallon SPS/LPS/Mixed systems. DIY is his forte!


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