Going back to basics. Getting awesome water with Aqua FX

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We are going back to the basics.

The most basic thing in this hobby is good, clean water. In order to achieve what I needed for my application, I went to Aqua FX headquarters in Orlando, Florida to bug… I mean ask for their assistance in coming up with solutions for the issues that I was having.

Aqua FX, a family owned business that deals all things water-related, is run by a team of mother and son who are both engineers.

After haggling them for close to two months, I have learned a great deal about the unit, what goes in the unit, and what we can/should do. I came up to build my personal unit and film it to help you guys learn about RODI in general and how important it is to have good water in your system!

This is long but I think it’s one of those comprehensive videos that you don’t want to miss and will reference from now on.

This unit will be unveiled at MACNA 2022 in person. You can order the units here on their site or call local stores to order. https://www.aquariumwaterfilters.com/AquaFX-Afishionado-Special-RODI-System–Chloramine-Blaster_p_406.html

I do not make anything from the sales. I just want to help people find solutions to problems that I was going through and help the good people manufacturing these units.


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