Goldfish playing Streetfighter II is apparently a huge spectator sport

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Goldfish playing Streetfighter II is apparently a huge spectator sport

This exists

Behold, the power of Reddit to find the most bizarre and fascinating things on the good ol’ interwebs:

Watch goldfish dual in Streetfighter.  No, seriously … we aren’t kidding.  Click the link.

Oh yeah; fish playing Streetfighter was inspired by fish playing Pokemon.  Uh huh …

Some people have way too much time on their hands (we’re talking about both the person who designed a system for fish to play computer games … and the five to ten thousand of people who watch it at any given time).

Andrew Hill describes his gift to the world on his twitch stream:

I have virtually segmented my fish tank into 9 parts (3 by 3).  Depending on which part of the tank a fish is in, it will send a different key press to the game. Aquarius (the orange goldfish) sends key presses for Player 1, and Robert the Bruce (the black goldfish) sends key presses for Player 2.  As for the actual code used for color detection and key sending, I do all of it using AutoIt and some shoddy code I cooked up over the course of a few days.


All times are for weekdays in EST. Weekends will vary.

  • 7:30AM – Fish have breakfast, competitive Day begins
  • 5:30PM – Fish have supper, competitive Day continues
  • 10:00PM – Competitive Day ends, score summary is posted, Overnight stream begins, fish mostly just sleep

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