2012_10_04_16_43_32_232Who’s up for a double-duty vacation? Any reefers with an itch to travel, a love of dying, and the desire to help our coral reefs, check out this volunteer opportunity in the lovely Phuket, Phuket. Thailand has long been regarded as an inviting destination for travel. Between it’s delicious local cuisine, surreal sparkling beaches and, most importantly, its rich biodiversity, it’s downright tempting for a good deal of people, reefers or not. Frontier, a worldwide leader in conservation and development is offering an extraordinary chance to experience the sensational marine life of the area while helping a seriously threatened creature – the sea turtle. Do your part to protect the three species of Thailand, Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Green turtles. Monitor and observe the trio with beach patrols, snorkel excursion and identifying nesting and assisting hatchlings among other things. Getting back to reefs, you’ll also be surveying local reef recovery and perhaps participating in mangrove restoration in the lush mangrove forests. One week will run you $745, where as two weeks will set you back $1,445. This is a decent deal considering what you’ll be getting: Food, accommodations, local orientation, project training and in-country emergency support. What don’t you get? Flights and associated travel expenses, as well as insurance coverage for the program. Visit Frontier’s website for more details, reviews, dates and photos.

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