gramma dejongi

gramma dejongi credit: cherry fish

An extra-special treat is available this weekend at MACNA: two species in Cherry Fish’s new line of expertly-acclimated reef fish are being sold at a huge discount, starting today and running through the show weekend. You can stop by the booth, #844 to find out how to order these fish at the sale price: the captive-bred Gramma denjogi normally retails for $5,500, but is available through the weekend for $5,000. The captive-bred Rainfordia opercularis is also available for $5,000, a huge discount from its normal price of $6,000.

rainfordia opercularis

rainfordia opercularis credit: cherry fish

Every fish is treated for ich, velvet, Monogenean flatworms (flukes), Turbellarian infections, Brooklynella, Uronema, and bacterial infections. And each fish comes with a live-delivery guarantee, and new owners can register for an additional 7-day live guarantee by emailing the company with proof that they are properly acclimating and caring for the fish in question.

To read more about the venture, visit my editorial about Austin Lefevre, Aquabox, and cherry fish, HERE.

Have a great MACNA, everyone!

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