Hanna HI736 Phosphorous ULR Checker: Tips For Accuracy

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Equipment | 0 comments

hanna phosphorus ulrRecently I had been having issues getting some consistent and, I believe, accurate readings with my Hanna HI736 Phosphorous Ultra Low Range Checker. Here are some tips to help ensure you do get the most accurate readings possible. First of all make sure the water sample is free of debris and the vials do not have any water on the outside. The vials also need to be wiped down with a micro fiber cloth, like one you would use to clean eye glasses, to make sure there are no finger prints on the outside. You should also do the following:

-Make sure you don’t create bubbles by shaking the vials too much.

-Avoid letting the sample with the reagent sit for too long in the vial before MORE


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