Hanna has just announced an update to their “Checker” line of colorimeters.  For those that are not familiar with these devices, they are like a test kit on steroids.  The chemical process (i.e. what you add to the water sample) is similar, but the key difference is that the device reads the sample for you.  Basically the device can measure very discrete ranges of color changes, unlike the human eye which doesn’t do a good job of differentiation between shading (and perfect for people who are somewhat colorblind).  Those little color strips you always have trouble reading next to the water vial?  Those are garbage and if you look carefully you’ll see that the specificity of the different colors does not give a very accurate test result.  Enter the colorimeter which measures the color automatically.  While a bit pricey, these devices are used by expert level hobbyists, and these new models are on the cheap side compared to their professional counterparts.  The use of a colorimeter allows for measurement of trace elements in the range of low PPM to Parts Per Trillion (PPT), which is key when measuring things like Phosphate, or something we don’t typically test for like Bromine.  If you are interested in a higher level of accuracy in your testing, check out the new additions to the Hanna line HERE.

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