Heads Up: Reef Eden is Running a Limited Offer on Giesemann’s LEDs!

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Up until October 31, 2014, you can receive up to 25% off Giesmann’s state-of-the-art FUTURA-S Advanced LED Systems. The bluetooth capable fixtures are compatible with all Windows, Mac and Android platforms for PC, tablets and smart phones. They have a slew of innovative and intuitive features to offer including real-time lunar phases, cloud-cover replication, and programmable daytime phases to name a few.

Offering one of the highest output to power consumption ratios, combined with massive coverage vs financial outlay compared to alternate systems, the FUTURA-S series from Giesemann delivers one of the most stunning and advanced LED lighting solutions available to the discerning aquarist. Using the very latest in cree 5w LED technology, true sub 400nm UV emitters, 7 colours across 5 independently controlled channels, plus virtually unlimited control and programming capacity via a dedicated software package developed by Giesemann and running via secure Bluetooth control, the FUTURA-S series represents the pinnacle of LED lighting for the home aquarium.The Futura-S series can be mounted via suspension kit, wall mount brackets, or via a stylish aquarium mounting set making it compatible for virtually every situation.

You can get more details on the offer on their website, along with pricing comparison charts to ensure you’re getting the absolute best deal. The lights come standard with a one-year warranty and option to upgrade after two years if you register the product. This really is a crazy deal, don’t miss out, guys!
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