Hermit Crab from Playa Jeremi

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Invertebrates, Photography, Science | 0 comments

Good morning friends, I had a fairly quiet weekend at home keeping my eye on our dog Indi and her terribe skin rash. I did take her to the vet and I am giving her pills and creams but after 3 days, I still do not see much difference.

Here is a hermit crab that I found on my night dive at Playa Jeremi. One would never even know that there was a beautiful hermit crab inside that algae- and sand-covered shell if it hadn’t moved; talk about a perfect disguise! For a size reference, the crab’s shell was about the size of a golfball, this great shot is why I love my 105 macro lens so much!!  MORE


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