Highlighting Focustronic’s Mastertronic

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For the last couple of years, I have been hinting and writing about an all-in-one, test all major parameters product from Focustronic called Mastertronic.

You can read the final revision story here with CAD photos and release candidate working models. 

Fast forward to early this year, I was one of the first stateside people to test this unit out and my plan was to release an “unboxing and thoughts” video about the product. Things happened where everything that can go wrong in video production went wrong and this video spent a LONG time sitting and marinating. (For those of you guys that have worked with me previously, this isn’t something that happens. EVER.)

Having it delayed several times and seeing some amazing videos that were released by my good friends in the industry like Deven and Mokyi, I really wanted to do things a bit differently and get this the right, to present the product and the brand in the way that I feel they deserved to be shown.

To do this, I flew all the way to Chicago to enlist the help of my good friend Carlos Chacon of Coralvue, who has had this unit as long as I have had, to discuss our experiences of the product, what makes this unit truly unique, and what we think you can expect from a machine like this. ​

Yes, this is premium item priced at $1299 and I realize that this isn’t for everyone, but for those who are in the market for a complete auto testing machine, you can see what it does and see if it’s something that you would like to incorporate into your existing system.

On the sidenote, one of the only complaints that I had with the machine was that I couldn’t manually task multiple tests in a row so that they will run one after another. I do this with autotesters from time to time to compare numbers with the ICP machine. I spoke to the owner of the company about this and I think he’s already on it. (Possibly enabling it by future firmware update over the web)

I hope you find the video interesting and useful!

Happy reefing!

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