toledo zooOn March 27, 2015, the Toledo Zoo Aquarium will re-open it’s doors after two years and a $25 million dollar renovation. While the historic 1939 exterior remains the same, the interior is new and improved. The tank size has tripled and the aquarium now features 32 new exhibits. Notable additions include a 90,000 gallon saltwater tropical pacific reef display that is 35 ft wide in diameter and includes 6 viewing windows.viewing windows There will also be engaging visitor friendly shark and ray touch tanks. 80 percent of the funding came from State taxes, with the remainder coming from private donations. You can even donate yourself on the Toledo Zoo Aquarium Website. The aquarium is giving guests a chance to donate and become part of the aquarium renovation as well by purchasing a metal fish that you can write your own message on.engravedfish.  MORE

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