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Home Nova is pleased to announce the launch of their kickstarter campaign, focused on the production and distribution of their beautiful, organic herb garden aquariums.

From their site:

“Many people living in the city do not have the luxury of space to grow food for themselves.  Even when they have backyards for gardening, cultivating some herbs and vegetables indoors can be a convenient, pest-free way to grow fresh greens year-round. On the web, there are many articles about building organic gardens and aquaponic systems, but most of them are designed with backyards in mind. We have devised an eco system to grow fresh produce at home while simultaneously enjoying keeping aquatic pet animals.

home nova seedling - reefsOur Aquaponics Eco 10 lets you experience standard deep-water hydroponics and hybrid hydro-aeroponics (patent pending) all in one.  We have designed this versatile system so that you can share with your children. Visual back planes allow you to see the plants grow above and under the surface. Children can learn how aquaponics, hydroponics and aeroponics work.   With cloning stations, you can continue to grow the crops without frequently buying new seeds.  They also act as algae control and decoration, much like water lilies in ponds.

If you keep a beta fish or Gouramis, they will readily make bubble nests with these extra shades.

By the way, we keep crayfish in our prototype and they like to craw on the cloning stations and stick their heads out of the water once a while and or hang around the roots of the clones.   This is the most comprehensive table top aquaponics system in the market.

The fail safe grow bed consists of a section of air for roots to breath. Expanded clay is used here both for aquaponics purposes and processing of the fish waste. This medium does not change pH of the water so the fish won’t be adversely affected.  The numerous pores will enable more beneficial bacterial growth to process the waste in the water.  It’s shape and porous texture also provide  more air exchange for the fish and roots.  In many hydroponic and aquaponic systems, when power is off, it will either flood the chamber or drain the chamber. If left for extended period of time, it will suffocate or dry out the roots.  Our advanced system will maintain a sustainable condition for long time even when there is a power outage.

home nova grow bed - reefs


  • Product Dimension: ~10″x10″x11.5(H)”
  • Power Requirement: 110-120V ac
  • Light Requirement: Window with full sunlight is best or you can add an intelligent LED (see our next project).
  • Water Requirement: 5 gallons of aged tap water or distilled water.  Food-grade water detoxifier optional. If you have a  water purifier, we still suggest you age the water in case your filter is out spent. This will also keep the water at room temperature.
  • Recommended growing capacity: 6 plants and 3 sprouts at one time

What’s in the package:

  • A fish tank with hybrid hydro-aeroponic system (Patent Pending)
  • A water pump
  • A filter
  • A deep water culture rack
  • 4 x organic medium to plant seeds
  • Collection of mostly, if not all, certified organic or heirloom seeds, seedlings or clones if distance and timing allows
  • Basic instruction manual
  • Links to more resources in web for DIY your projects and our forum for a family experience”

You can also find Home Nova on facebook, here


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