Feeding. It’s what all of us reefers have in common. Don’t you just love it when your animals devour what you prepare for them? It’s for anyone and everyone of all ages to enjoy, and it’s an especially rewarding experience for families with little children as it creates precious bonding moments. (Personal experience and from talking with other parents who have little ones participate in feeding the tank)

What do you feed your fish and corals? How do you do it?

Did you know that Julian has designed some of industry’s most widely used feeding apparatus? I am pretty certain that many of you guys, like me, aren’t utilizing it to its full potential. I got together with Julian to show you how some of his products work, and how you can incorporate them into your feeding regimen, making your feeding experience more entertaining and capable of feeding an even greater variety of food.

Enjoy and happy reefing!

(Pardon the slight out of focus in the beginning of the video)

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