How to Keep SPS Coral Part 1: Testing, Lighting, and Flow

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Corals, Reef | 0 comments

SPS or small polyp stony corals are typically found in the shallow parts of our world’s coral reefs in areas with intense light and turbulent water. These corals have calcium carbonate skeletons and a thin layer of living tissue with polyps.

SPS can be very demanding corals to keep in a captive reef tank. Not only do they require the strong lighting and flow they receive in nature, but they also need proper calcium and alkalinity supplementation.

Options for Calcium and Alkalinity Supplementation

Having either a calcium reactor or a doser to replenish the calcium and alkalinity sucked up by SPS is vitally important to having success with these corals. I have used both of these methods with a lot of success. MORE


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