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Conversationalist and model, Hannah Fraser, is bringing awareness, via unconventional and risky means, to stop the war on sharks, one terrifying dance at a time. Fraser went to the Bahamas, where she ‘danced’ with tiger sharks at 50 ft below the surface. The footage was shot by Emmy award winning cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs. Fraser used no dive equipment and held her breath for the duration of the dive. Although this may look like something from a photo shop, Fraser was filmed as part of a documentary called ‘Tears of a Mermaid,’ which aims to show the importance of promoting awareness and conservation of marine life. Fraser states that her goal in making the documentary was in hopes of stopping the Australian government from doing more shark culling. Fraser stated “Most people are scared of what they don’t know and what lies beneath is deep waters is one of those things – but things like the cull and films like Jaws scare us and create an unnecessary fear.” All of us should and try to do our part for shark conservation and dispelling the Jaws stereotype often facilitated through the media. While sharks can occasionally be dangerous to humans, eradicating these important apex predators from the Ocean is unconscionable.  MORE

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