Human Nature – Art by Jason deCaires Taylor

by | Jul 18, 2012 | Reefs in Art | 0 comments

What you are looking at is a human statue covered with frags of acropora after a few months under water.  The artist, Jason deCaires Taylor, grew up diving in Malaysia and blends his love of marine life with his passion for street art and graffiti.  Currently on exhibit in New York at the Jonathan Levine Gallery, the works includes photographs of several different locations where Jason has worked.  Sponges, corals, plants, fish, and statues are all elements of the art that Jason mixes in new and unusual ways to create visually stimulating experiences.  If you are in New York, be sure to check it out before the end of the month.  You can see more of the photos below.

  • Josh Saul

    Josh Saul is a technology consultant for large global banks. He has been involved in the aquarium hobby for 20 years and has been SCUBA diving for more than 30.


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