Hydor Smart Level Controller Finally Ready to Hit the Market

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After a few years of development, the Hydor Smart Level Controller is finally ready to hit the aquarium equipment marketplace. The automatic top-off unit uses the same form factor as their popular Koralia Wave Controller, but instead of controlling pulsing powerheads, it monitors the water level of a sump or aquarium and starts a top-off pump when necessary. The Smart Level controller can handle pumps up to 50 watts, though for top-off situations, that is a bit excessive. The Smart Level probe has three ports that indicate a maximum and minimum water level, as well as an alarm level, all of which have indicator LEDs. It operates on temperature changes that occur when water fills the probe chamber, causing it to turn the top-off pump on or off as needed. The probe has a magnet/suction cup hybrid mounting system, with additional cable clamps to keep the probe horizontally positioned. The magnet can handle a wall thickness of 10mm or less. The Smart Level controller will see a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $105.95, with minimum advertise prices falling somewhere in the mid-$80 range.

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