icecap metal halide ballast light

IceCap is touting their new Selectable Output ballasts as the most advanced metal halide lighting solution for the serious reef keepers. They are capable of running most mogul and double ended metal halide lamps with fast startup, low heat, and absolutely silent operation.

These “UL Approved” selectable output ballasts offer the hobbyist the ability of switching between lamp wattage and drive modes such as the HQI and overdrive settings. IceCap claims that these MH electronic ballasts are able to deliver more lumens while using less electricity than standard magnetic ballasts.

The 250 watt (max output) model will retail for $139.00 and it will also control the less popular 150 watt and 175 watt metal halide bulbs. The 400 watt model will power 250, 250 HQI and 400 watt ballasts. Both ballast models offer a “super lumen mode” which we believe is an overdrive setting. MORE

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