In more news …

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In more news ...

A yeti crab uses the hairs on its claws to farm bacteria.

  1. Tunze has started a blog. Learn interesting information about the history of skimmers and their latest product offerings like the Nanostream 6105.
  2. Ecoxotic has come out with a new lamp: the TriColor PAR38 LED lamp. They combine three different color spectrums (6500K white, 453nm blue & 660nm red).
  3. The folks over at Raising Pet Jellyfish are building a kreisel aquarium for comb jellies out of pieces of acrylic and a glass aquarium.
  4. Marine Depot is reporting that EcoTech has a Radion software update available. Noted improvements have been made to Live Demo, Natural Mode, Artificial Mode, and accelerated program review.
  5. The November MASNA Live podcast is available. This month, Chris Jury, Adam Blundell, Murray Camp, and Ret Talbot are interviewed.
  6. NanoReefBlog is now sporting a new logo and look.
  7. The 61st Reef Threads podcast is out. This week Gary and Christine interview Ret Talbot about the fisheries in Hawai’i.
  8. Submarine springs give a glimpse of what ocean acidification will do to coral reefs. Good news? Some corals can grow in low pH waters. Bad news? These are not reef building corals.
  9. Interested in the physics of great white shark attacks on seals? “Stealth and ambush are key elements in the white shark’s predatory strategy.”
  10. Yeti Crabs farm bacteria on their hairy claws.
  11. Some good news: a coral reef was successfully restored in the Florida Keys after a 2002 boat grounding.
  12. Three critically-endangered sawfish made their home this week in the Sydney Aquarium. A fourth will be joining them shortly.
  13. Wonder what it looks like to be attacked by a Great White? That maw has a lot of teeth!
  14. For the first time, scientists in Australia have succeeded in freezing particles from the Great Barrier Reef.
  15. Ever wonder how zooplankton find food to eat? They use touch, chemical factors, and water disturbances to find their favorite meal.
  16. Australia’s trying out an interesting approach to making energy from ocean waves. The bioWAVE goes to school off of how kelp sways in the surf.
  17. Law officials are using chemical markers to make sure that blue marlin are being harvested only from the Indian and Pacific oceans.
  18. Looking for something for Christmas? How about a jet-propelled surfboard.
  19. Reefquest is a new website started by 13-year old Dylan Vecchione. The website was started as a way to help kids become marine environmental stewards.
  20. See-through crab shells could hold the secret to better flat panel displays and solar cells.


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