Innovative Marine introduces Custom Cradle probe racks

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Probe racks aren’t exactly the sexiest aquarium gear, so manufacturers thus far haven’t paid their innovation much attention.  Innovative Marine, on the other hand, has decided to thoroughly reimagine what a probe rack can be with their new AUQA Gadgets Custom Cradle.

Unlike other probe racks that secure probes with either thumb screws or lock nuts, the IM Custom Cradle holds probes in place using snug foam pads with a magnetic catch plate to lock them in place.  It is the most elegant and easy-to-use design we’ve seen.  The rack itself is also held in place using strong magnets. All magnets are fully encapsulated to prevent rusting.

The Custom Cradle is compatible with all current probes on the market (Neptune System, Digital Aquatics and American Marine PinPoint) including the apex Temp probe.

The AUQA Gadgets Custom Cradle is available in two different sizes:



  • 3.5” x 1.75” x 1.25”
  • Holds up to 3x probes and 2x dosing tubes (¼” tubing OD)
  • Magnet strength 8mm thick glass
  • $29.99 USD MAP




    • 6” x 1.75” x 1.25”
    • Holds up to 4x probes and 4x dosing tubes (¼” tubing OD)
    • Dedicated ATO Return Holder (½” tubing OD)
    • Magnet strength for 12mm thick glass
    • $49.99 USD MAP


      … all crammed into one of the lowest profile, smallest probe racks on the market.  The AUQA Gadgets Custom Cradles should hit the market within the week.

      As usual, Innovative Marine released a video to thoroughly explain their new products:



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