Innovative Marine redesigns Hydrofill while drastically lowering price

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The new IM Hydrofill Ti ATO controller has been upgraded with corrosion-resistant titanium electrodes and a new PCB board that alternates the frequency being sent between each probe, creating a smaller chance for corrosion when producing the same volts.  The redesigned electrode sensor has been also physically slimmed down to make it easier to fit in tight spaces.

The best part? The Hydrofill ATO Ti’s price reduction from $199.99 to $69.99 (not a typo).

The new IM Hydrofill Ti Pump is also seeing a price reduction from $99.99 to $69.99.  The new price does not include the mounting bracket (previously included in the $99.99 price).  Aquarists may purchase the Hydrofill Universal Return Bracket as an option for $23.00. Customers now have the flexibility of purchasing only what they need.


A rundown of the Innovative Hydrofill ATO components (Innovative Marine supplied us with the following information):


HydroFill Ti – ATO Controller

Automate freshwater replenishment, and say farewell to heavy lifting, unstable water parameters, and the need to frequently watch your water line.

Topping off evaporated water for our aquariums is a tedious but essential task that every hobbyist encounters to maintain stable specific gravity & salinity levels.

The HydroFill Ti ATO Controller takes advantage of your water’s conductive properties to complete a low voltage circuit and cause a control relay to actuate and replenish water as it evaporates. This departure from outdated float sensors, offers the latest automation in electronic sensing for precise accuracy, repeatability, and no-moving part reliability.

Customize your own “High and Low” set points to prevent constant On/Off cycling prone to single sensor design.  Sensors utilize rare earth neodymium magnets for stationary placement and simple out of the box installation.  Small form factor makes it the ideal choice for nano to full size aquariums. Two Titanium electrodes are housed in each sensor for redundancy & consistent long-term performance in harsh marine environments.


·    1 Year Warranty
·    Conductivity Method
·    For use in Fresh & Marine Applications
·    Controller Dims: 3.35” x 1.18” x 5.12”
·    Includes Double Sided Adhesive
·    1000W, 8Amp/120V Pump Capacity
·    Power Consumption: < 1 Watt
·    Visual LED indicators: Power -Red, Level – Green, Low Level – Green, Water Filling – Pulsing Green

·    Small Form Factor: 1.25” x 1.06” x 2”
·    (2) Sensor Design
·    Safe 5V Low Voltage
·    6 foot sensor cables
·    (2) Rare Earth Neodymium Magnetic Sensor Holders
·    Titanium Electrodes (magnets can support up to ½” wall thickness)



HydroFill Ti – ATO Return Pump

Pair your auto top off with the industry’s first low voltage air lift pump specifically designed for ATO controllers. Engineered for high performance, this external positive displacement diaphragm pump, outputs up to 15 gallons per hour and max 5 feet of head. This self-priming pump is equipped with a built-in check valve to safeguard against back siphoning.

The HydroFill Ti diaphragm pump is the smart alternative when compared to submersible pumps, diaphragm pumps offer the benefit of safely running dry and are thermally protected against heat build-up.

Versatile design offers 3 options for pump placement: hang-on, cabinet mount, or simply place on noise dampening rubber feet.


·    1 Year Warranty
·    Positive Displacement
·    Diaphragm Pump Method
·    Self-Priming
·    Built-in Check valve
·    Dry Run Protection
·    Thermally Protected
·    Low Voltage
·    1/4″ barb fitting
·    Up to 15 Gallons per Hour
·    Pump mounting bracket (Framed Tank Mounting Brackets Sold Separately)



Universal ATO Return Bracket

The Universal ATO Return Bracket is the fastest and simplest way to complete your ATO return system. Simply position and anchor to your aquarium. The cell cast acrylic body and custom made “J” tube keeps your ATO return line stationary and kink-free.

The low profile keep the return bracket hidden from view, and a built-in anti-siphon valve makes it perfect for sumps or any size aquarium 4-35mm in wall thickness.


·    Dims: 1.49” x 3.62” x 6.61”
·    For sumps, rimless or framed tanks ranging from 4mm-35mm in wall thickness
·    Acrylic mounting bracket
·    Return Pipe
·    ¼” barbed fitting
·    Built in Anti-siphon valve

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