Innovative Marine’s new Gourmet AUQA Gadgets

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While designing high-tech gear is sexy, it’s the simple every-day equipment that often makes the biggest difference.

Innovative Marine‘s Gourmet Gadgets – Grinder, Defroster, and Grazer – solve age-old problems when it comes to the three most popular modes of fish-feeding, and frankly we’re surprised it took anyone this long to come up with these elegantly simple solutions.  So logical are these gadgets that short videos and a few photos are all you’ll need to understand them.   We believe most fishkeepers can benefit from at least one of these three beautifully conceived designs.

Price and Availability:

The three Gourmet AUQA Gadgets are all priced at $24.99 and scheduled for international release on May 4, 2015.

Gourmet Grinder

grinder1.jpgThis pepper-grinder-inspired gadget is an one-handed food dispensing device that solves multiple problems when it comes to pellet and flake foods.

  • Fishkeepers never have to touch the food.  No more smelly “fish food hands”;  No more contaminating the food with your hands.
  • The adjustable gadget grinds food to your desired size, and we’re told it does so with consistency and without creating excess fine particulates.
  • The food is dispensed below the water line, thus preventing floating food that are difficult for fish to feed on … or worse yet, sucked into your overflow box.


Load food into the the Grinder, adjust the grind size, and feed your fish with a press of your thumb.  It’s so simple that you can even provide your non-fishkeeping family and friends instructions on how to feed your fish when you’re away from home.  Just load the grinder and tell them how many “pumps” to feed per feeding.

The Gourmet Grinder comes with a storage stand and a cleaning brush.




Gourmet Defroster

defrost1.jpgThe Gourmet Defroster allows fishskeepers who feed frozen foods to simply drop frozen cubes into the Defroster and walk away while the food slowly thaws and is dispensed into the aquarium.

The Defroster is made of three pieces: a top and a bottom acrylic cylinder and a center ring with a two-piece magnetic coupler to hold the Defroster in place.  Holes drilled in the acrylic allow for a cyclonic water movement within the Defroster to agitate the food.  Furthermore, you can open and close the through-ports between the top half (where the frozen food is placed) and bottom half (where the frozen food is dispensed), allowing you to regulate the rate food is dispensed.   The center ring can also be used by itself as a feeding ring.

You will never have to wait around for frozen food to thaw in a cup again.




Gourmet Grazer

grazer1.jpgThere are several seaweed clips on the market today, but all of them share one problem: some (if not a majority) of the seaweed breaks free and tumbles throughout the tank. Uneaten seaweed spoils and fouls the aquarium.

The Innovative Marine Grazer addresses this problem by sandwiching seaweed behind a hinged, snap-shell grate.  Fishkeepers can load multiple sheets of seaweed into the Grazer for extended grazing sessions by tangs, angelfish, wrasses, and even freshwater fish such as mollies, cichlids, barbs, et al.

The Grazer is held in place with neodymium magnets (same as the Defroster).  Position the Grazer anywhere in the tank by sliding the magnet around.

This is the most clever device we’ve seen yet to make sure your fish eat their “vegetables.”  This type of grazing is also a natural feeding behavior of many fish species.






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