For this video, we are continuing coverage of Aquashella Dallas 2023! Many of us in the hobby feed nori to our herbivore fish. Often times, we do this inefficiently where many of the seaweed will often break apart and then go down in the overflow where it will rot in our sump.

If you think about what algae consumes to grow and what it’s made of, you don’t want too much of this happening as your nutrients will spike up relatively quick.

While I was walking the show floor, a product called Nori Nibbler caught my attention due to its different approach on how we feed the nori and how it effectively reduces waste in the water column during the feeding session.

We got together with Vontrice Jones, the owner of Saltwater Solutions LLC, who came up with the idea of this feeding apparatus, to see how he recommends using this product and for you to see if you need this item for your hungry fish!

Let me know in the comments down below what you think, and if you are interested in trying this for your aquarium.

Enjoy the video! Happy reefing!

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