Introduction to an Aquaculture trailblazer from Taiwan: Longlife Coral

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Happy new year guys.

I wanted to share something that I came across while surfing in the world of reefing in social media.
Those of you that follow my work know that aquaculture and captive-breeding have a special place in my heart, and this stood out to me.

The company is called LongLife Coral and they are an aquaculture facility located in Taiwan.
Before we go into detail, check out their facility and some of their livestock here in this video.

I got in touch with Alex Lin to find out more about this amazing facility and about the people behind it.

About them

Andy Lin, a passionate aquaculturist from Taiwan, is the person behind that is spearheading this project and the facilities. Andy has been in the aquarium industry for the better part of the decade and his company specializes in the import and export of live and exotic aquatic animals, as well as coral breeding projects. In order to collect various special coral species for exploration in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Tonga, Taiwan, and other countries, Longlife Coral set up a facility in Indonesia in 2015 for easy import and export between two countries. After returning to Taiwan in 2017, they were invited by the government to Pingtung, Agricultural Science Park in Taiwan and Xiamen, China to set up artificial breeding farms, and simultaneously obtained a number of hard coral CITES quotas.

As one can expect from such a facility and its crew, all of the coral have certificates of origin and health certificates, and are exported to many countries around the world. As a reputable and trailblazing aquaculture facility, they are frequently invited to various conventions and events to share their experiences and breeding experiences in the Asian aquarium industry.

What corals have they been aquaculturing/breeding? 

At the present moment, successful breeding varieties for export include Acropora, Montipora, Goniopora, Echinopora, Cyphastrea, Favites, Lithophyllon, Ricordiea, Discosoma, Sarcophyton, Xenia, Nephtea, Sinularia, Clavularia, Zoanthus, etc.; all special varieties collected around the world. Their facility includes : 108 tanks of size at 150 cm x 75 cm x 30 cm indoor tank breeding facility, and 10 semi-outdoor natural pools size of 250 square meters each. Different systems for different species including Berlin system, KZ system, and AF system. Made in Taiwan lighting manufacturer Illumagic high quality LED.


What is on the horizon? 

At present, the team is committed to tourism, education, promotion, and development. In cooperation with the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan, it will build a large-scale ocean and aquarium tourist ark on the Gold Coast of Tainan. We look forward to bringing the aquarium into the living world in the future.




Ground breaking work that’s positively inspiring, impacting, and changing the world to make a difference should be known about, celebrated, and supported. Great job to Andy and his team at Longlife Coral, and I for one am very much looking forward to seeing what exciting work that they will be doing and achieving this year and in the future!  It is my hope that aquaculture facilities here in the states will be inspired by looking at things like this and continue to strive for excellence while regular hobbyists reading this article will learn more about aquaculture and why they should support companies that promote sustainability, and healthy, tank raised and conditioned animals versus their wild counterparts.

Happy new years and happy reefing!

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