Invasive Lionfish? Make them into Jewelry?

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A few years back I visited the small island of Carriacou, off Grenada, and took part in my first Lionfish hunt.  As most of you know Lionfish are not native to the waters of the Tropical Western Atlantic and over the last few decades they have spread into the entire region.  With no natural predators they are munching their way through the resident fish at an alarming rate.

My friend Matt with a large lionfish.

Many diving organizations, dive clubs, and even seafood restaurants encourage and take part in their capture, and whilst some localities will see it on the menu, in some areas fisherman won’t target them, fearing their venomous spines or mistakenly considering them poisonous to eat.  It is what to do with the fish that has been at the heart of the debate for some time.  If only their removal could provide some economic benefit then there might be a chance to limit their numbers, even in a small way.

A few weeks back I received a few images from my friends at Deefer Diving in Carriacou where they’d been working on lionfish jewelry and I thought I’d share some the photos they sent.

As you’d expect, the fins have been dried and treated and are not going to sting you.

Learn more about Deefer and Carriacou:  Deefer Diving Carriacou Scuba Diving in Carriacou, Grenada


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