fabienThe grandson of the famed Jacques Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau, is attempting to break his grandfathers record of the longest time spent underwater. The record is currently held by his grandfather for spending 30 days in an underwater laboratory in the Red Sea in 1963. Fabien Cousteau plans to spend 31 days living in an undersea laboratory in the Florida Keys called the Aquarius. The Aquarius, an undersea research laboratory, is located near Key Largo, Florida and currently operated by Florida International University. Located at 60 feet beneath the surface, it is currently the only underwater laboratory and habitat in the World. This is a pretty amazing underwater laboratory,which includes air conditioning, wireless internet, a bathroom, shower, and bunk beds with ocean views. The Aquarius allows for unparalleled study of the marine life and coral reefs outside the laboratory windows, since it allows for such long lengths of uninterrupted viewing. The design of the lab allows divers to return to the surface without the need for a decompression chamber, since it is pressurized. It should be interesting to see what research comes out of this month long stay. MORE

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