Oceans Reefs and Aquariums, otherwise known as ORA, is constantly pushing the envelope regarding the aqua culture of all manner of marine animals, and this week they announced the addition of yet another great aquarium fish.


The jaguar goby is the epitome of a great nano fish with a reasonable price tag, small minimum tank requirements and a great color pattern. They are generally peaceful making them an easy addition to most tanks on the small side, and their reef safe rating makes them the perfect, active, little reef pet.

Caring for a jaguar goby is generally comparable to other small goby species such as yellow watchmen, highfins and the like. Most aquarium foods will integrate easily into their diet. As with most gobies, they are pretty commonly found to be jumpers, so a tight fitting top is recommended.

These small, ornate fish are just one of the many captive bred fish coming out of the facilities at ORA, so be sure to check out the jaguar gobies as well as all their other aquarium oriented selections.


Via: ORA

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