Hi Folks, I hope this marks a return that is permanent, and that all the medical issues that have kept me chasing my tail for the last few months have been settled. Jellies I have been a fan of jellyfish ever since I learned that they were neither jelly nor fish. I would love to be able to find a local environment that had some of the fresh-water medusae; I think they would be really crazy things to see. There are a lot of short movies on the web showing some impressive medusae. Here is one of the nicer ones that has popped up lately.  I remember pretty vividly not seeing the largest medusa I encountered. It was a lion’s mane jelly, Cyanea capillata. Lion’s Mane Jelly fish, Cyanea capillata. This individual was about 1 m in diameter.  The tentacles from this medusa could easily MORE: Jellies

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