jesusMost hobbyists never have interactions with marine life collectors. Our LFS rarely do either. It can almost seem that these fish appear in tanks out of the blue. Of course, we know the animals are collected somewhere, and shipped; but have you ever thought about the time and painstaking effort that go into collecting these animals in the wild? Have you ever thought about the inherent risk these collectors are constantly facing while submerged? One collector friend put it best, “The ocean in general is always trying to kill you.” (R.K., MACNA 2014)

On Friday, May 13th Jesus Larralde lost his life while diving in the Bahamas. Jesus ran Farside Tropicals, a wholesale marine livestock facility located in Miami, FL. Jesus was one of those people that could inspire everyone in our industry. His passion for the ocean shined brightly while talking to him in person or online. He was a purveyor of sustainable collection and was one of the best in the field. His unborn son, Vincent, is due in June.

Goodbye, my friend.

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