Joe the Coral Acropora Tenuis From Above

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Corals, Eye Candy | 1 comment

joefom above
Like Joe the plumber, Joe the coral also gets less attention then deserved. This highly pigmented and fast growing Acropora tenius is amazing in every way but gets little attention. The image was taken from above with a photo box to gain access to the highly pigmented surfaces facing direct light. This coral seems to respond very well to bright artificial light and is not dramatically affected by the stressors of a closed captive environment. It grows as quickly as any acropora I own and has been propagated successfully for the last 3 years. Many of the new colonies formed from the brightly colored tips have morphed into even more vibrant colors then first seen when ORA had first released this stoney coral. The hardiness of this coral and its amazing pigments should dictate a high demand but I believe many believe it is possibly just an average Joe and pass it by. A very clever name would have fit this Joe much better as it is anything but average.

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