Just in time for Christmas: Reefer Pro phone cases

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Just in time for Christmas: Reefer Pro phone cases

Reefer Pro phone and tablet cases for the marine aquarist.

According to Garrett, these phone cases are the only ones that are specifically tailored to the marine aquarist.

They come in a range of themes and styles which should suit almost all reefkeeper tastes ranging from fish to coral to invertebrates. Garrett explains the process by which these cases are created:


“Each high resolution image is processed and compressed using special imaging software before being overlaid in full wrap around style onto the case using a special chemical bonding process which impregnates the image into the case material. The case is then coated again with a secondary tough scratch resistant ultra high gloss finish to protect the image from the daily rigors of phone use.”

“‘Barely There’ cases by Casemate(tm) are made from an ultra-lightweight but exceedingly durable impact resistant material that gives great protection from the daily abuses your phone or tablet will encounter. Additional protection is afforded the screen by providing a small lip on the outer front edge of the case that protrudes just above the screen face, meaning that your screen will kept away from any surface that might cause it damage should the phone be placed face down.”

Garrett states that the Reefer Pro cases are a step above the DIY kinds of cases as they have better image quality and more well-defined colors.

They are currently available for £29.95 ($47.95) and are made for the IPhone 3 / IPhone 4/s / IPhone 5 / Samsung Galaxy S2 / Samsung Galaxy S3 / HTC One X / HTC One S / BlackBerry 8520/9300 / BlackBerry 9900 / BlackBerry 9350/60/70 / IPod Touch with IPAD and other tablet covers on request.


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