Good morning friends, I’m at work alone today; our crew, the sub, and the ship all left for another 2-day trip to Klein Curacao to further explore the unknown depths of that little island. I had to stay behind because Aimee left today for the States to a attend a dog training conference in Texas and we had no one to watch our two little fur babies.  Two weeks ago we did a four-day trip with the Chapman research vessel and our little submersible to the west end of the island and dropped anchor at a beautiful place called Playa Forti. This was a trip sponsored and paid for by the Smithsonian institution at a cost of about… (are you sitting down?) $17,000 a day!! Yep you read that right, renting a ship, crew and a submarine is not cheap but is 100% necessary for those that are in search of new and unusual creatures and fish never seen by any human before, like the beautiful juvenille Queen Triggerfish pictured above. MORE

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