Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish, Lactophrys triqueter

by | Apr 17, 2016 | Fish, Invertebrates, Reef, Science | 0 comments

Good morning from way down south!! I have our hands down favorite fish for you today that puts the letter “C” in CUTE! This is a young trunkfish, it’s not a baby and it’s not an adult, so lets just say he or she is a teenager. This gentle little treasure was only around an inch and a half in length, and we photographed him at night out in front of the Sea Aquarium. When Aimee and I find these (which is fairly uncommon) we pretty much drop whatever we are doing and quietly watch as they work their way around a small part of the reef looking for food.

They seem to love algae-encrusted areas when they are young, and from a distance it looks like they are swimming around kissing the reef but what they are really doing is sucking little pieces of food with that cool mouth.  MORE


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