Keeping The Rainbow Belly Pipefish

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Fish, Reef, Science, Tanks | 1 comment

Female Rainbow Belly Pipefish Microphis deocata showing her breeding sail

Microphis deocata, also known as Indian Royal Green Pipefish or Rainbow Belly Pipefish, are one of very few completely freshwater pipefish species on the planet. They are a small brownish green pipefish that grow to a maximum of 6.5″. What makes this species truly unique is the brightly colored sail the females of the species use for courtship. Microphis deocata are found in the Brahmaputra River that runs between India and Bangladesh. They are a threatened species as a result of seasonal flooding within these two countries and are not commonly available commercially in the aquarium trade. There is very little information available at all on this species and so I am offering my experience with this fish for enthusiasts who hope to keep them in the future. MORE

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  1. Mickey

    Please I would like further information on the Indian Royal Green Pipe fish.Care water requirements and how easy is it to get them to breed in captivity.


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