Kessil A360X Now Available for Pre-Order

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kessilThe new Kessil A360X is now available for pre-order. Our own Marcin Smok just reported on this fantastic new light (article here), which was showcased at MACNA 2018 in Las Vegas. In his review, Marcin said that it “represents a new step in Kessil’s evolution and a much-appreciated upgrade to the current light lineup.” His description of the upgrades sounds quite intriguing:

“Available at launch in two versions- the saltwater A360x Tuna Blue and freshwater A360x Tuna Sun, the new light from Kessil is a vast improvement over the original A360 series that has dominated the reef aquarium world for the past couple of years.

At first glance, A360x looks like a shrunken version of the original A360. It’s a little bigger in diameter, but significantly shorter in height (30% less volume according to Kessil). Everything inside the light, including the driver and the electronics that provide power and control to the LED array, has been revamped to work around the new heatsink and fan enclosed in the slimmer casing.

Kessil A360x features a new Dense Matrix LED chip that provides 25% more power than the previous generation and it also has some new, independently controlled emitters for better control of the light’s visual output.

The control scheme was redesigned accordingly, with a new USB-C type connection and a dedicated controller, as well as a Wi-Fi dongle that will be coming out at some point in the future.”

The pricing for the lights is as follows:

Kessil A360X Tuna Blue, MSRP $459
Kessil A360X Tuna Sun, MSRP $459
Spectral Controller X, MSRP $99

Please send an email to [email protected] to place your pre-order.

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