The world’s largest underwater viewing dome

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, a new aquatic theme park in China that opened last week, is breaking Guinness records left and right. The park is part of the Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel, which is touted to be the “largest ocean ecological-themed hotel” in China. article-2594168-1CBDDCDB00000578-216_964x640

The worlds largest acrylic panel and aquarium tank


Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has 5 Guinness records including the title  as the World’s largest aquarium. The facility also claims  five other records including the world’s biggest underwater viewing dome, aquarium tank, aquarium window and acrylic panel.

article-2594168-1CBD76D000000578-445_964x641Having traveled to over 40 countries as a public aquarium designer and consultant, I can say that this one looks to be well worth a visit.  MORE

SOURCE: DailyMail by Carol Driver

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