Larval Blue Tang, Acanthurus coeruleus

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Fish, Photography, Science | 0 comments

BAR-Hey gang, I’m having a quiet three days off and pretty much just hanging out at the house keeping an eye on Indi and her weird skin rash. The heat here right now is unreal to say the least, these are by far the hottest days we have had this year making it almost impossible to get anything done outside.

I found the above photo at Playa Jeremi on my night dive with our friend Christina. This is a post-larval blue tang or surgeonfish inside a plastic cup that I found under the ship at around 20 feet underwater. As you can see, most of this little fish is still see-thru and only it’s cheek and eyes are developed, it’s most likely just a few weeks old. Also inside the cup was a baby sea hare, if you look closely you can kind of see him towards the back of the cup.


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