The Last Bonaire Brain Coral

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Conservation, Reef, Science | 1 comment

brain coral bonaireHello all, you can ask any seasoned diver who has been to Bonaire or the Caribbean in the past 10 years “what did you think about the reef on your last dive” and they will all say, “it’s not the same reef as we remember”. Due to years of massive tropical storms, overfishing, dragging nets and anchors, and trash and runoff from shore, our poor coral reefs are disappearing right before our very eyes and there is little we can do to stop it.

On my last trip to Bonaire a few weeks ago, I spent more time underwater shooting dying or dead corals than I did photographing fish or coral reef scenes; I must say it’s very alarming. I found colony after colony of wiped out endangered Staghorn coral and only a few brain corals like this one in the shallows; 14 years ago they were quite abundant.  MORE

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  1. Ronald Duikersloot

    I hear you, would you like to share that specific footage with me of dying coral. I am on Aruba working on a coral project called BioRocks! To be able to tell the story right I need beautiful coral footage + dying coral. Plus a question about this image above of the single brain coral. Is it okay if I use this photo (with your credits if you like). Hope to hear soon.


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