Latest Press Release From ReefGen: Exciting Things to Come!

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reverse-Blue-eyed-blond-499x346Here we have the latest press release from our favorite coral Voodoo Masters, Justin Grabel and Laura Birenbaum of ReefGen. Tomorrow they launch their newly renovated website. Easy ordering, wish lists, and a streamlined navigation portal are amongst the redesigned features you will be able to enjoy. Also check in for updates on their new propagation systems in the works, tucked snugly away behind the scenes at the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center. Expect many more corals and economical pricing. Given some of the drool-enducing pieces they’ve created and the work they’ve done with cool little swimmers like the Sepia bandensis, I’m very much looking forward to what these brilliant brains come up with next!

“This has been a busy summer for ReefGen, and the team is excited to announce the efforts of all that work. Starting Friday ReefGen’s new website will go live. Along with a redesign, the website allows wholesale customers to login for pricing and order online through an easy to navigate portal. Hobbyists can also browse ReefGen’s wares, and create wish lists to send to their favorite LFS. Along with being busy getting their digital house constructed, the crew has been busy building new propagation systems, tripling their behind the scenes grow out capacity at Long Island Aquarium. This extra capacity comes with an added benefit to Reefgen’s customers, lower prices. With all the extra room ReefGen can grow more coral, faster, and cheaper. ReefGen is passing those savings on to their customers.”

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