Learn how to extract and use squid ink

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Learn how to extract and use squid ink

The author shows an example of a squid that can be de-inked.

Back in December, I covered how an archaeologist had uncovered an ancient fossilized squid and used its ink to draw a likeness of it after the archaeological dig. I thought that was pretty cool but not many of us are going to uncover our own fossilized squids to be able to do this.

If this idea of printing with squid ink interests you either with squid you catch yourself or with squid you buy frozen from the supermarket, check out the Instructable on Make:Projects that covers all the steps. In the instructable, the author Christy Canida explains how to source squid for the task, extract the ink, and either use it for linoleum printing or even cooking. She links to sources on working with linocuts and to a tasty recipe for squid ink risotto with squid.

This should make for a great weekend project. If you do try it, paste a link in the comments below to either your squid ink artwork or to a tasty photo of your squid ink risotto with squid!

(via Make Magazine)


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