Live Sales: Cherry Corals presents The Manhattan Project

by | Jun 1, 2014 | Science | 0 comments

In under a week we will be launching our first live sales event.  Our friends at Cherry Corals will be offering some of the most incredible live corals, including frags, colonies, from just $1 all the way up!  They’re throwing down on this event, titled “The Manhattan Project”, which is sure to contain some amazing eye candy, but with a slew of giveaways and special contents being offered throughout the event, it is going to be something no self respecting reefer would miss.  The new live sales system allows you to purchase WYSIWYG items in real time and compete with your friends to see who can grab the coolest items.  This is not just a thread-based sale, you’ll be in an active chat room and items will flash in front of your eyes with just seconds to purchase them or they are gone forever.  More information the sale this week!  Bookmark the sale HERE (everything will be happening on this page during the event.


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