Living Color Showcases the Beauty of Nudibranchs  [Video]

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Living Color Showcases the Beauty of Nudibranchs  [Video]

Nudibranchs, David Doublilet

Nudibranchs are often called “sea slugs” and their name comes from the Latin nudus (meaning “naked”) and Greek brankhia (meaning “gills”). Back in 2007, we published a detailed article “Nudibranchs: Beautiful but Dangerous Marine Creatures” By Mª Victoria Bengoa Ruigómez which detailed various species, their anatomy, as well as their defense mechanisms.

We also covered the stunning photography of David Doubilet a couple days ago here on Advanced Aquarist.

In this installment, David showcases the variety of color variations in nudibranchs with his 4.5 minute video titled Living Color:

(via Cubic Blog)


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