Local Fish Store Highlight – Exotic Aquariums

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Industry, Video | 0 comments

For years, I have been sharing my opinion that the local fish store (LFS) is the backbone of our industry. They are there to inspire your aquatic dreams, offer helpful advice, and provide products and services that you may need right away.

I have been wanting to start on a new series for quite some time now because I really wanted to do my part and help those deserving stores generate more foot and digital traffic in hopes of helping them be successful and hang around for a long long time.

With that back story out of the way, let’s showcase our first store. Exotic Aquariums in Miami, Florida. Karen and Bob have been in the industry for decades and you might be familiar with their work even if you don’t know them personally. I took some time to highlight their work and their amazing store, and if you are ever near the famous Bird road in Miami, you should stop by and check out this hidden gem!

Side note : I need your help. I usually don’t like the sound of my voice so I didn’t narrate this video because I thought that eye candy footage would suffice but my wife disagrees. What DO YOU guys want. Voice over with me narrating the video or keep the narration short, just talking at the beginning and possibly at the end?

Comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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