Look Good While Saving the Seas!

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Long Wharf Supply Company has hit an amazing milestone! In November 2023, the company officially announced that they have helped reseed over 3,000,000 oysters which naturally filters 150 million gallons of seawater every day.  By strategically placing and seeding oyster reefs, they not only foster the growth of these remarkable mollusks but also create thriving ecosystems for future generations.

Their secret weapon? SWEATERS! The pieces in their SeaWell collection are a soft blend of recycled oyster shells, recycled water bottles, and natural lambswool or cotton; each one diverts 5 oyster shells and 8 water bottles from landfills. In addition, profits from the sale of each sweater are used to reseed up to 30 oysters, which filter up to 1,500 gallons of water every day.

Seeding oyster reefs is a powerful initiative to enhance inshore water quality. Oysters act as natural water purifiers, filtering out impurities and excess nutrients from the water. Oysters help maintain a balanced aquatic environment by reducing algae levels and promoting the clarity of the water. This effort not only benefits marine life but also contributes to healthier, more sustainable inshore ecosystems, ensuring a cleaner and more vibrant waterways. With this ongoing effort, they hope to reduce waste, change the narrative, and help clean up our inshore waterways for the next generation. To learn more, visit their website, HERE

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