Lotus: a New Way to Display your Frags

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With all the frag swaps, shows, and meetings happening this season, many of us find ourselves inundated with beautiful, but often small and difficult to display coral frags. Tiny pieces can get both visually and actually lost in a well-stocked tank, which is especially a shame when we finally bring home that coveted rare frag we’ve been searching for.

Eshopps has just released a first look at a beautiful, practical solution: Lotus.

Made of clear acrylic, this stand has a modern organic design and consists of a base, lock screw, four rods, and four “Lily”, which resemble petals and can be turned and adjusted to fit your needs. Lotus can accommodate up to 52 frags while only taking up a 10-inch footprint in your tank. Each Lily can hold 13 frags, and Eshopps offers additional Lily for purchase, as well as additional frag plugs in lots of 12 or 24. Lotus retails for $39.99, and comes with a 90-day warranty.

Eshopps will have a booth (#709) at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago this weekend, and will have its new product on display. If you’re planning to attend, be sure to stop by and check it out, and if you can’t make it, visit them at their website, www.eshopps.com.

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