Nigel writes in his video description:

My forest aquarium at day 75. I added some moss with glue on the trees in the aquascape. It doesn’t look that natural compared to fishing line. But it is very hard to use fishing line to put moss on the trees while they are standing up.

Feel free to give some critique 🙂


  • Tank: 80x40x40 cm / 31,49×15,75×15,75″ opticwhite 8mm, 34 gallon / 128 litre
  • Lighting: Chihiros RGB 60
  • Hardscape: Lava rock, Spiderwood
  • Substrate: ADA Aqua Soil
  • Shrimp: Red cherry shrimp
  • Fish: 20 green neon tetra
  • Snail: Clithon sp.
  • Plants from Tropica: Hydrocotyle tripartita Cryptocoryne parva, Fissidens fontanus, Fissidens mini, Solenostoma tetragonum, Bucephalandra kedagang mini and mini Catherina
  • CO2: Pressurized CO2 with a diffusor + Co2 checker edge (20 ppm)
  • Heater: Hydor Eth 200 with temperature @ 25 C
  • Filter: Eheim Experience 350 (2426) with stainless steel lily pipes
  • Background: Frosted glass spray

I am pretty new to aquascaping and really enjoying it so far. Thanks for watching!

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